Would you like TCM to publish your book? Here is how it works.

Getting Started:
When your book is ready to be published arrange to send us all your text. Most any form of file is acceptable. We will work to help you:
  • Choose a trim size and font.
  • Create a table of contents, dedication, and other front and end pages. We reserve the right to include 2 end pages of our own.
  • Design a cover.
  • Set a cover price and explain the costs .
In about 6-8 weeks we’ll have the book ready for you to look at. It will be proofed and correctly formatted for both printed and electronic editions. Up to this point there is absolutely no charge to you.

When the book is ready you’ll need to purchase proof copies for yourself and TCM Publishing. The fee is $20 and it will be shipped to you. That fee includes both the book and the shipping. This is your only up front cost. At this point you should review the book and tell us about any changes you’d like made. This process can be repeated as many times as you’d like but each additional hard copy proof is $20.

Once the book meets your expectations it will be published. It be assigned an ISBN, be listed on Amazon.com, be available on Kindle and be ready for you to order copies yourself. This usually takes about 2 weeks.

TCM Publishing owns the rights to this edition of your book but only this edition. You, the author, retain all other rights including, but not limited to, the right to all content, the right to publish any and all content elsewhere, and the right to resell or license your work.

You, the author, are solely responsible for obtaining rights to any relevant media and for any liability associated with your work.

You may order as many copies of your book as often as you’d like. Each order will take 2-3 weeks to fulfill. The cost for each copy consists of the printing fee, a $2 TCM publishing fee, and shipping. These fees will have been fully explained when we help you price your book. Remember, the more copies you order the cheaper the shipping becomes.

Amazon and Kindle sales receipts come directly to TCM Publishing. At the beginning of every month TCM Publishing will send you a complete accounting of books sold and your portion of the proceeds.

Marketing and selling your work is your most difficult task. We are not going to be a lot of help but frankly neither are most publishers these days. TCM Publishing will include your book on our websites as a courtesy. Keep in mind that your profit margin is higher on hand-sold paper editions than those sold by Amazon. Make sure you keep enough copies on hand to cover any event you might have planned.