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Why Tai Chi?

Let’s face it, there are about a thousand different things you can do to get in shape and improve your life. Cardio, weights, martial arts, pilates, massage, yoga, the list goes on and on. So why choose Tai Chi? It’s better, and here’s why:

* It’s 2500 years old.
*It includes most of the other kinds of body work within it.
* It can be done by anyone, anywhere, at any age.
* It’s almost impossible to get hurt doing it.
* It includes multiple levels of gains.
* You might learn to defend yourself.
* It adds value to every part of your life.
* It’s infinitely interesting and fun.

The History
The true origins of Tai Chi and martial arts in general are lost to the mists of time but here’s the history as best we know it. Around 2500 years ago there were quite a few monasteries around China and these institutions had two social problems. First of all the attending monks were incredibly unhealthy and tended to die quite young. The mainly sedentary life style of constant meditation had its obvious drawbacks. The second problem was more straight forward. Monks had sworn off weapons and this meant that bandits robbed them with great regularity. Some of the greatest minds in the world began to work on this problem. Over the next few years they combined all the knowledge in the world into a new invention, Tai Chi Chuan. This all-encompassing new form of moving meditation solved the problems of poor health, poor security, and quite a few other issues.

The Benefits
Tai Chi has many goals and benefits. The cool part is that you can just pursue the ones you want and ignore the rest. Below is a partial list of all the benefits of Tai Chi:
* General health and vitality.
* Strength and flexibility.
* Specific Chinese medicinal and meridian stimulation.
* A sophisticated martial art.
* Basic  balance and circulation.
* Improved principles applicable to any martial art.
* Improved control in any physical endeavor.

* Personal spiritual growth.
* A profound spiritual connection to the world.

The Requirements
Tai Chi is simple. You need some comfortable clothes, a lack of binding jewelry, and bare feet. (Socks are fine if your feet are cold). You’ll also need a small patch of floor. That’s it. Oh, and a very good teacher, but that’s where we come in…

The Teacher

Our teacher is Sensei Angus, who has studied Tai Chi for over 30 years.  He brings a unique and charismatic teaching style; don't let the kilt fool you!
He has taught thousands of Tai Chi and martial arts classes for all varieties of individuals, groups, and seminars.   He brings his expertise to this online course so his teaching can be accessible to everyone.  

"I grew up in KY, TN, MI, and NY. I got thrown out of SUNY purchase for drug use and failing grades. I kind of graduated from Hunter College 3  years later with a double BA in History and Psychology. I considered attending grad school, but studied martial arts and Zen instead. I earned black belts in both Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan and studied other arts less seriously. I’ve washed dishes, worked in a warehouse, spent 4 years at IBM, managed and then bought for a chain of independent bookstores, been a personal trainer specializing in mind-body relationships, started a dojo, founded a nonprofit, worked with special needs kids, and started the Temple of the Circus Monkey. As an adult, I’ve lived in NYC, Los Angeles,  Oakland, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. I like girls, sex, motorcycles, whiskey, eating out, Coca-Cola, hard boiled detective stories, bad movies, and game shows."

Things People Are Saying About Sensei Angus:
  • EVERY day at work I am using the language, thoughts, and actions that I have learned working with Angus. ~ Jason W, high school principal
  • Having a great experience at the Desert Monkey Dojo. Great students and absolutely excellent teacher in Angus McIntosh. ~ Bryan D
  • Angus is an excellent instructor. He’s very patient and obviously knowledgeable about what he teaches. Besides techniques, he also has a vast store of knowledge based on experience that makes his classes truly comprehensive and applicable to the real world. And on top of all that, he’s a great guy who makes training fun. ~ T.W.
  • He is both a great writer and a wise man, but has an amazing sense of purpose and humor. I have purchased several copies [of his books] and shared them with friends, who can use the knowledge and wisdom contained within. - Hadley
  • Angus has a unique way of blending his unique sense of humor with his wisdom. [He is] straight to the point and simple, yet the lessons are profound. - Caroline
  • His teaching is both approachable and interesting, Angus surprises not only with his depth of knowledge, but also with how accessible and happy to help he is. - Jacqueline

The Online Course
The form we’ll be learning is the Yang style 108 form.  This course will teach you the entire form, broken up into easy to learn sections.  It includes  100 videos and 50 pictures.   It also includes access Master Angus, with the ability to submit any question you might have with guaranteed 72-hour response time from Angus himself.  Unlike other online courses, you will truly have a sensei (teacher). 

Why Online?

It takes approximately 9-12 months of twice weekly in-person classes to learn the Tai Chi form.  This is 75-100 classes.  Even at a very affordable rate per class, this online course at $249 (ON SALE NOW FOR $199 - special launch price) is way more affordable than taking classes in person.  Additionally, you get to set your own schedule and pace, and the class is always available.  Other online classes are monthly subscription and unlock the materials over time to keep you paying per month.  We do not believe in forcing this onto our students.  With just a few clicks, you can start your journey learning Tai Chi!

There are no recurring fees, subscriptions, gating of material, up-sells, or bull-crap claims of benefits.  Once you purchase the course, you will have access to the full course to look over, study, and learn on your own schedule.  Quite simply, this is the best and most affordable online Tai Chi course available anywhere.

Easy 4-step process:
1: Click the "Learn Tai Chi " Button, or go to the Shop and find the Tai Chi e-course.
2: Add to cart, and complete checkout.  If you have already purchased a course, you'll have immediate access with your previous log-in information.
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4: After you complete your registration, you will have complete access to the course, forever.

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